Friday, May 28, 2010

May 27, Day 3

Hello all, top of the morning(okay it's about three in the afternoon here) but this place is wonderful. Mom, I can't believe you just sent a message about how our ancestors are from Cork, I'm there right now! Pat has family here and they are giving us a tour, we could easily be related. Yesterday we were in killaney, walked a trail through the national park and ended up at a castle, ate some authentic sheppards pie, bought a knit scarf (I couldn't help myself), listened to some live music at a local pub, hung out with the locals and got travel advice from the band! Then we walked around the town for a while and landed back at the sugan hostel (google it. It's really cool). Got up this morning around 7, had a nice breakfast and pats uncle picked us up ad took us to meet some of his family and to see where his ancestors are buried. Then he took us to blarney where we saw the castle and kissed the blarney stone. I was in the dungeon of the castle when I ran into a girl I know from tcnj which was cool. Now we are in cork, toured the prison and are in a cafe, waiting to get our potatoes! Love you all and I miss you, kinda :)

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